Hoist Maintenance Training

Goodrich Rescue Systems offers O-level maintenance training on all of our hoists through a combination of classroom theory and practical exercise on the customer’s own equipment at the customer’s preferred location. This full-day training course can certify up to six participants at once and is intended to assist operators in understanding and navigating the maintenance requirements specified in the certified maintenance manual (CMM).

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Upon completing the training with our highly-skilled instructors, participants will be issued an O-level maintenance certificate and be empowered to:

  • Understand hoist maintenance and functionality
  • Identify hoist system components and functions
  • Perform basic maintenance tasks, adjustments, troubleshooting and O-level component replacement, such as:
    • Remove and replace hook assemply
    • Remove and replace cable assembly
    • Cable drum timing recognition
    • Remove and replace crowder and traction sheave
    • Cable path cleaning and maintenance
    • Adjust limit switches and cable foul sensor
    • Remove and replace cable cut assembly
    • Cleaning and lubrication
    • Hoist ground functional checks

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Hoist Operational Training

With a Goodrich rescue hoist and total team training solutions, your crew will be ready for anything – no matter what your mission may be.

When a call comes in, your response requires the right equipment and crew training for whatever the mission demands. For over four decades, Goodrich hoists have been trusted by crews across the globe responding to search and rescue, tactical insertion and extraction missions – and many other diverse operations.

Now, with mission operations training solutions coupled with a robust field maintenance curriculum, your team will stand the test of the most demanding responses.

Your mission is to protect and serve – ours is to provide the customized solutions you need to get the job done, whatever the job may be. Contact us today to get started.

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