Search & Rescue

Often used to save lives during disaster relief efforts and rescue missions, our advanced rescue hoists offer a high-efficiency motor for a continuous duty cycle, as well as translating drum technology to reduce cable stress – providing non-stop operation on every mission. With numerous commercial and military rescue missions recorded, "field-proven" is taken to a whole new level.

Medevac /HEMS

When lives hang in the balance, you need a rescue hoist that doesn’t quit. For over four decades, our Goodrich rescue hoists have saved countless lives across the globe and when you're in an emergency situation, you want nothing less than proven reliability. Not only do our Goodrich hoists offer built-in load sensors and 'smart' cable drives, these hoists deliver mission monitoring and recording—data that can ensure the success of your mission.


Whether you’re a harbor pilot being transferred, servicing a wind turbine or inspecting a power line, our human external cargo-certified hoists keep you safe until the mission is complete. Electronically powered to lower and lift operations at variable speeds, reduced maintenance and simplified service make Goodrich hoists the right choice for the job.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Our human external cargo-certified hoists help you get where you need to go safely and quickly, even when your mission is miles from shore. Weston style load brakes and an overload slip clutches up the level of safety while lubricated cables prevents corrosion that can come from harsh, oversea conditions.

Law Enforcement & Fire

Trusted by crews aboard the major international airborne platforms, our Goodrich rescue hoists have built a legacy of unmatched reliability and safety – holding the most EASA & FAA certifications in the industry.